Christian roots

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Dr Mary Brown (Letters, 6 June) needs to avoid taking “slight glances” back into history which tend only to reinforce one’s particular prejudices.

A more detailed look would clearly demonstrate that Scotland’s history, heritage and values are founded largely upon Christianity and that overall this has been to our benefit.

A more detailed examination would also struggle to find one single example of a nation ­influenced by Christianity turning into a theocracy.

This is not to deny that there have been those who have abused Christianity and used it for their own political and ­economic ends. But abuse does not negate the main point of my article which was to show that the supposed “secular” values of equality, freedom and diversity are not secular at all, but rather stem from Christian theology.

If we lose the roots, we will lose the fruits.

David Robertson

Solas CPC

St Peters Free Church

St Peter Street