Charity's Third Sector solution

RE: BILL Jamieson's article ("Are cuts in public spending really so savage?", 30 May).

To clarify, the Scottish Community Development Centre is a charity. We were previously a partnership between the Community Development Foundation, which is a public body and a charity, and the University of Glasgow. From 1 July, 2009 the SCDC has been an independent charity registered in Scotland and operates as a social enterprise. Our rebranding, which was restricted to a logo redesign, was delivered at a cost of under 2,000.

SCDC receives no government funding towards its governance or operational costs. We realise our organisational objective to build strong, equitable and sustainable communities through grants from various charitable sources and through competitive procurement processes for contract work.

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In terms of the role and function of SCDC, we provide training and consultancy support to organisations and partnerships in all aspects of community development.

We are part of the Third Sector solution referred to in the article.

Fiona Garven, Director, SCDC, Glasgow