Change is good

The Better Together campaign is fixated on using change as a tactic to scare the electorate from embracing a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Change is constantly with us: under Westminster rule we have seen the loss of the coal industry, the steel industry, the car and shipbuilding industries to mention only a few important ones – others will be well able to add to this list. Even banking, although nearly lost through mismanagement, has been subject to much change.

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Although, at the time the changes have been a great shock, we have adapted to the change and welcomed the opportunities it has afforded. Should we be afraid to embrace independence and all the opportunities it offers? Will we not hold our heads up high with pride to point out a major change: Scotland became independent through a democratic vote – it set aside the violence, the gun and the bomb which were the precursor to independence in the countries in the rest of the world. What a proud boast can be ours on 18 September! Let’s not miss the opportunity.

brian Rattray

Gylemuir Road