Cashing in

The disturbingly high number of food parcels being distributed in this country (Catriona Clark, Letters, 15 July) is yet another statistic to convince us that Britain is becoming like Africa, where the general population is regarded as a burden by its various governments in their pursuit of the well-being of the few.

Another even crazier statistic is that the £375 billion of quantitative easing (money printing) undertaken by our government has merely raised the stock market to an artificially high level during a recession, because it was 
channelled into the economy by the banks, who have of course looked after themselves and their friends first.

This £375bn is a staggering £150,000 for each of the 2.5 million people currently unemployed in Britain. It takes no imagination at all to think how much more effectively that money could have been distributed.

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But never mind; there are always the food parcels.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross