Call for clarity

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Once more Joss Blamire on behalf of Scottish Renewables (Friends of The Scotsman, 7 May) is given space to promote the commercial interests of the “subsidy farmers” (GM Lindsay, Letters, 4 May).

I regret that I have to say what follows but I believe many will agree that I am justified in doing so.

In our corporacratic political and economic cultures one cannot accept without question assertions made by sources representing vested interests where profits are at stake.

The ultimate scandal, however, is that due to the close relationships politicians have with the corporate sector we cannot rely on them to set the record straight.

Our experience in recent decades has demonstrated this beyond all reasonable doubt. This is why I support the Scottish Wild Land Group and the John Muir Trust in calling for the establishment of an independent National Energy Commission answerable to the people and not the shareholders of 
the aforementioned subsidy farmers.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive