Cairn Gorm clarity

In an article (15 November) concerning last year's profit of ski-operator CairnGorm Mountain Limited, the Badenoch and Strathspey Conservation Group (BSCG) was quoted as saying it would be appropriate for these to be put towards starting to repay the £1 million written-off debt of CML to Highland Council.

In the same article Liberal Democrat Highland Councillor and Caingorms National Park Authority board member, Gregor Rimell, is quoted saying: "I appreciate that (BSCG convener] Gus Jones doesn't think that the ski resort should be on Cairngorms."

I would like to clarify that, while BSCG objected to the proposed developments of the Northern Corries and the funicular option for the ski area, we have never argued that there should not be a ski resort on Cairn Gorm.

(Dr) Gus Jones

Badenoch and Strathspey Conservation Group

Fiodhag, Nethybridge