Brave Scotland punching above its weight

For a country as small as Scotland, we certainly have a lot to be proud of so far at this year’s Olympic Games.

I’ve been resisting the temptation to engage with those who use this sporting event to enhance their argument for or against independence, but when you see a brave little country punching above its weight in this manner, it’s hard to resist.

It is also lovely and very useful for members of the younger generations to see evidence that people can be publicly admired and 
rewarded for hard work, 
sacrifice and passion.

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Joppa Road


Whatever Alex Salmond does these days he is bound to get criticism. No doubt he would have been damned whether or not he had gone to the London Olympics.

Good for you, Alex, to support the “Scolympians” and wish them well. It is about time that the voice of the “whingeing Scots”, as we have so often been referred to, was heard. For a small nation we have excelled and will continue to do so.

Donald J Morrison

Hague Street


Can anyone explain why, at the Olympic Games awards ceremonies the medal 
winners are announced first 
in French, and then in

Andrew Suddon

Longhope Drive


I feel as though I am in a complete state of collapse with physical and mental exhaustion, having been bombarded by just the first week of Olympic media mania which you simply can’t 
escape from. The organised 
intimidation is intense with TV radio and newspapers telling the same story 
again and again with the rapid repetition of a machine gun.

I’m not sure I can withstand another week of the same and may seek solace and complete relief by going fishing for the week.

Dennis Grattan

Mugiemoss Road