Both sides need to work to prevent Brexit producing another crisis in Europe

I AM beginning to wonder what planet many of my fellow citizens live on.

When we had the referendum in Scotland we were told we would be able to be independent but have the protection of the Bank of England if we needed it and it would be no bother to become a member of the European Union. The extra cost of embassies and all the trappings of a state would be as nothing.

The predicted drop in oil price would not matter and all the unanswered questions were scaremongering so did not need answers. The rest of the UK would want to trade with Scotland and would be unaffected economically.

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Well, here we are again. The exit brigade seem to think that UK can leave the EU, not be adversely affected itself and Europe would not be damaged. We could make trade agreements and be one happy family trading with Europe and the rest of the world.

At the moment Europe is struggling in a recession, following a misguided policy of austerity, in my opinion, and is inundated with immigrants in the most dire of circumstances. The Middle East is at war in several venues and terrorism hangs over us. All it needs is another crisis which Brexit could produce. It is a recipe for more chaos. This should make us all ponder on how much the system can take.

The SNP response to Brexit is that Scotland would join the EU as if nothing in it would be different, as if UK was not an integral part of the EU. The SNP policy of passing on ­Westminster austerity plus a few per cent of its own rather than using the new powers to raise money to redistribute wealth will not mitigate the damage being done to our ­broken society.

It really is time that the nationalists in the UK, the Brexit-ers and the SNP looked at the reality of what is going on and worked to maintain as much stability and fairness as possible.

David Cameron was only having the EU referendum to satisfy his own party and he has certainly not done that. He has been divisive in the party just as he has been divisive in the country. What a mess!

Let us hope that there is proper discussion so at least the issues and risks can be evaluated and it can be seen that both sides have worked out the questions of concern even if there aren’t so many answers forthcoming.

Esther Clark

Ronaldshaw Park, Ayr

For anyone with doubts about the pros and cons of remaining an EU member state, the recent pronouncement by the IMF might well make them opt for the deep blue sea, not the devil we know.

However, the IMF showed scant prescience and insight prior to the credit crunch and so its latest pronouncement may not be as authoritative as it seems.

Then again, how astonishing the number of so-called economic experts who didn’t see the financial crash coming!

Jim Craigen

Downie Grove, Edinburgh