Biomass power

REGARDING your article on the Hunterston biomass project (25 June), biomass power has a key role to play in meeting the UK's climate change and renewable energy goals.

It reduces our dependance on imported fossil fuels and complements other renewable technologies such as wind because the power supply can be turned up or down as needed.

There is a great deal of misinformation on the amount of available biomass. To put this into perspective, Poyry Forestry Consultants have estimated that the biomass supply potential of Europe and eastern North America is roughly 16 times what is required by the planned capacity in the UK. Despite sea freight, greenhouse gas savings of more than 80 per cent are generally achieved with large scale (high efficiency) biomass electricity.

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The UK industry is fully committed to sustainable biomass sourcing. We support the government's plans to introduce binding sustainability standards - which are due to be published next month.


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