Big movies with even bigger flaws

I WON'T be going to see either Nowhere Boy or Avatar, although not because of the less than glowing reviews they received in Scotland on Sunday (20 December); more to do with what hasn't been written about them.

In a recent interview to promote her film, Nowhere Boy, the director Sam Taylor Wood said that she was nervous about what Yoko Ono's reaction would be to the film and when it got her approval. Wood said that that was all that mattered to her.

What she didn't mention, and apparently doesn't care about, is the feelings of John Lennon's own family, who have said that they are far from happy with the way family members have been portrayed.

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What does Ono's opinion matter compared to those of Lennon's own family?

The family members are in a much better position to know how accurate or otherwise the film is.

As for Avatar, this is directed by James Cameron who had no compunction in misrepresenting a real life hero (William Murdoch] in his previous epic, Titanic.

Here is another director, it seems, who has no conscience when it comes to the feelings of the family of a real-life person, whose character was completely changed on a whim.

Siobhan Synnot asked, "What do we want from James Cameron?". Personally, I'd like it if he never made another film

These two examples speak volumes about what is wrong with the film industry, especially in Hollywood.

Sandra Busell,