Better Together must start appealing to people’s hearts

I WAS interested by Douglas Gibb’s comparison of “chest-beating” male Yes supporters with “pragmatic, sceptical” women saying No (Letters, 25 May).

Many who know me may consider me on the logical, cerebral side but, although I understand and largely agree with Better Together’s practical arguments, the main reasons I will vote No will be emotional.

I was born and lived parts of my childhood overseas, because my father served in the Royal Navy. Most of my growing up happened on the south coast but was deeply imbued with my family’s proud descent from famous Jacobites, as one after another we wore the family kilt made in Elgin. Similarly, my husband, although he grew up in London, has purely Scottish descent.

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When asked, I say I am British, made up of a mixture of all the British Isles and a smattering of various European countries. I simply do not want to wake up on 19 September having to decide whether to be Scottish or RUKish and foreign to my family and friends.

Even if my head agrees that Scotland could go it alone, my heart simply doesn’t want it to, and I wish Better Together supporters would start beating the emotional drum – while remaining intelligent, civil, polite, indeed British.

RCE Hayes, Edinburgh