BBC cuts reckless

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As former senior editorial staff at BBC Scotland, we wish to express our concern at the real damage being inflicted on BBC Scotland’s news and current 
affairs operation in the “economies” approved by the BBC Trust.

Among recent casualties is the post of education correspondent, now to be merged with the local government brief. Scotland’s education system is one of the institutional pillars which define this country.

A wide-ranging and highly 
controversial reform, Curriculum for Excellence, is currently under way.

It is barely credible that BBC Scotland believes this bastion of Scottish society no longer merits the dedicated scrutiny and analysis of a senior journalist.

Elsewhere, the department is losing more than a dozen of 
its most experienced and 
respected reporters, presenters and editors.

And all this is happening at a time when Scotland faces one 
of the most pivotal political 
decisions in its history – the referendum on Scottish independence. When was BBC journalistic excellence, in depth, more 

There is a danger that the implications of these highly damaging decisions by BBC Scotland management will be overlooked by the Scottish public, overshadowed by the chaotic editorial processes practised by the BBC in London, in the Jimmy Savile and Newsnight scandals.

We call on the BBC Trust to undertake an urgent rethink of the proposed Scottish post closures and redundancies and postpone the process meantime.

Kit Fraser

Former political 

Douglas MacLeod

Former editor
Good Morning Scotland

Carole Bentley

Former news editor

David Calder and Eric Crockart

Former reporters