Badges of shame

Having travelled around much of Scotland recently, I am
bemused to see the proliferation of Yes and No signs adorning public areas and private houses.

I wish I could enforce a law that made people keep displaying their Yes and No signs for the next five years.

If we choose independence and things dramatically
improve I would happily admit that I had been wrong in voting No – after all, I’d be better off, wouldn’t I?

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However, things may get very much worse, which I see as the only likely result of disrupting the UK’s current strong recovery from recession on a Fred-the-Shred-type gamble.

In that case, would
members of the Yes camp be equally happy to keep proudly displaying their badges of shame as the housing industry relapses, unemployment figures hike skywards and investors flee en masse?

It is all very well painting your face blue and sticking a sign in your garden but you have to accept full lifetime responsibility for the impact of this vote.

Sandy Adam