Bad governance

Alex Massie (Perspective, 25 September) is correct in his assertion that “governance matters”. He fails to tells readers, however, that the expansion of academies in England has involved forced switching to academy status against the wishes of parents, staff and local communities, and financial blackmail from Michael Gove, none of which would come under the heading of good governance.

There is no evidence that academies drive up standards any better than any other school given the same amount of funding and support.

I agree with Mr Massie that we cannot afford to be complacent and should always strive to ensure the education system in Scotland is as good as it can be.

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Association of Teachers and Lecturers, as a UK-wide education union, firmly believes we can improve by looking at successful innovation from across the four nations.

In his focus on academies Mr Massie is drawing the wrong conclusions. We should be focusing on strengths in learning and teaching and not the dismantling of state education.

Keith Robson

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (Scotland)

Canning Street