Back to the future

In your article about CBI Scotland (28 June), the Liberal Democrats finance spokesperson Jeremy Purvis inaccurately describes the Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) as a "white elephant", a view which is very far removed from recent CBI comments about SFT.

CBI Scotland made clear in its recent report Energising the Scottish Economy: A Business Agenda for Reform and Recovery that the Scottish Futures Trust "is performing a useful role in delivering expert advice in areas of financing, procurement, housing and best value".

This CBI report goes on to welcome the SFT proposals for tax incremental financing, adding that SFT "should have input into any emerging UK-wide, publicly-funded infrastructure financing vehicles".

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I think Mr Purvis should heed the voice of Scottish business which understands clearly how SFT is bringing better value for money for taxpayers in infrastructure investment.


Scottish Futures Trust

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