Ayes out in force

I generally expect Brian Monteith to contribute something stimulating to political discussion, even if I seldom agree with his conclusions. After all, he long ago recognised the hopeless state of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and ended his membership thereof.

However, in sneering at last Saturday’s march and rally in Edinburgh (Perspective, 24 September), Mr Monteith is scraping the barrel for arguments in favour of the Union.

Such an event is unlikely to be organised on behalf of the No campaign, but, if it should take place, I hope that an accurate report of the numbers attending will be attempted and that the turnout will not be used to pour scorn on the aims of the organisers.

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It is reliably reported by participants that the number of those attending the Princes Street Gardens rally was in fact about double the figure of 5,000 claimed (from an unknown source) in the media.

I suggest that Tories like Mr Monteith would achieve more by planning how, after Scotland resumes its independent status, to give effective representation to the sizeable portion of the Scottish electorate who hold 
respectable right-wing political views in an independent 

Robin MacCormick

Dalkeith Road


Like Mr David McEwan Hill, I am puzzled by the reported estimate of 5,000 for the number of participants in Saturday’s march and rally for independence.

The rally took an unexpectedly long time to get lined up and on the road, and there were several pauses during the march. The reason given was that many more people than expected had turned up.

The anticipated figure, as given in your newspaper that morning, was 7,000. It’s a long time since I took maths, but I’m pretty sure 5,000 is not more than 7,000.

Derrick McClure

Rosehill Terrace