Attack senior citizens at your peril

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I read the exploits of the SNP candidate for Edinburgh South’s anonymous online antics with some concern.

While Nicola Sturgeon has been rebranding the SNP as a “progressive” party, Neil Hay has been comparing the majority of his potential constituents to Nazi collaborators simply because they disagree with him.

Worse than this, however, is his willingness to infer that senior citizens who question his views are senile by suggesting some can “barely remember their names”.

Mr Hay would do well to remember how much we rely on senior citizens in the workplace, charities and as carers. Without them, Scotland would grind to a halt.

Furthermore, many senior citizens either contributed directly to the war against Nazism or put their shoulder to the wheel to rebuild Britain after the war. We all, including Mr Hay, owe them a debt of gratitude.

At First Minister’s Questions Ms Sturgeon defended Mr Hay’s right to stand as an SNP candidate, but was clear that Edinburgh South would have the final say at the ballot box on his suitability as an MP.

I agree with her on both points – I will be voting for a candidate who is committed to helping everyone in Edinburgh South, not one who denigrates the people in our society who deserve our respect most.

(Dr) Scott Arthur

Buckstone Gardens


I have been struck by the “holier than though” attitude of some relating to the tweets posted by the SNP Westminster candidate for Edinburgh South, Neil Hay.

These have been condemned by Nicola Sturgeon, but for opposition parties to wring hands and gnash teeth over this smacks more than a little of hypocrisy.

One high profile Labour tweeter has, on various occasions, described the SNP as “fascist scum” and Labour defector, Muhammad Shoaib, used the phrase “coconut Pakistanis”. As fas as I am aware not one opposition voice has been raised to condemn 
either of these individuals.

As with anything, there is a small number of individuals who overstep the mark, on all sides of the debate, but if we are to berate our opponents for such matters we should step up to the mark and berate our allies.

The only loser out of this is the political process itself and we all have a responsibility to try and repair its rather damaged image.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace