Art of distraction

Am I alone in thinking that the Kelpies at the Helix development near Falkirk (your report, 30 January) are going to lead to an accident on the adjacent M9 motorway?

I am terrified every time I drive on that stretch.

I remember the first time I caught sight of them. I felt that my eyes were drawn to them, rather than to the road ahead. Now when I drive past, I know they are there and I am no longer distracted.

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However, I feel afraid that anyone driving there for the first time will have their attention drawn towards them.

I worry that one of my fellow drivers will suddenly veer from their intended path and head in my direction.

I have nothing against the sculpture itself. I think it is magnificent. I just feel that siting it next to a busy motorway is a dangerous move.

I know that there are other examples of the same thing up and down the country; eg The Angel of the North, Arria – the Cumbernauld Mermaid, The Big Heids, The Horn, etc.

They are all described as “roadside art”, and are erected to beautify the route.

To my mind, they are there to attract attention, and, as such, they could so easily distract the attention of the drivers. This latest addition is surely the most distracting of all, and I sincerely hope that my fears never come true because of it.

Andrew McDonald

Springfield Road