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Alex Salmond’s demand that David Cameron should apologise for his “anti-Scottish” campaign raises two issues.

Firstly he again deliberately confuses the interests of Scotland with those of the SNP. The Tory campaign clearly was anti-SNP, in my opinion with good reason.

However I do not think it was anti-Scottish. The conflation of party with state is a worrying development.

Secondly, Mr Salmond and the SNP have made much of their success out of insulting the English. Why was London, my city of origin until I moved to Edinburgh 20 years ago, called a “dark star”? Why, in a country with supposedly free university tuition fees for anyone from Tobermory to Torremolinos does my cousin from Tonbridge have to pay £9,000 a year to study in Edinburgh?

Why are English people being told to go home by the more aggressive SNP henchmen? Why do so many SNP supporters say English residents of Scotland should not have a vote in Scotland?

I “demand” an apology, Mr Salmond. As do the numerous Scots who are labelled “quislings” and “traitors” because they do not subscribe to your views.

Robert Clayton

Dovecot Road