Answers please

The Clutha bar appears to be a relatively small building of the old-fashioned stone and timber construction which is still to be found all over Scotland. Dennis Grattan (Letters, 3 December) appears to bestow some kind of impenetrable mystery to getting casualties and bodies out of it – a mystery which just does not exist.

Leaving aside the major question of why the weight of the helicopter was not removed from on top of the badly damaged area much earlier, any mine rescue team of a few years ago, using the prop-and-cut method, would have had the victims who were trapped in the wreckage out before dawn on Saturday.

With the case of the poor woman who was left in an Ayrshire mine shaft for many hours while “experts” argued the toss still fresh in the public mind, the relatives of the Clutha victims need answers as to why the bodies of family members lay two and a half-days on the accident site.

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Irvine Inglis