Answer is Yes

Being an SNP and Yes supporter, I did my bit on Thursday, sporting my rosette, outside the polling station in Blairgowrie.

The “opposition” was a lady supporting, not a party, but
Better Together. We engaged in conversation, as you do on these thankless vigils, and she
expressed amazement that
anyone would want to quit this blessed Union of 300 years, where everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, etc.

When offered just one fact to counter this sentimental tosh – that around 25 per cent of
Scottish children are, officially, living in poverty – her answer was: “So what?!” and she opined that “they” had no need to be poor in view of ample benefits.

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Leaving aside the questionable legality of Better Together canvassing outside polling
stations when they have no
candidate in the election, this attitude perfectly encapsulates “Broken Britain”.

When chronic poverty and low wages, a desperate lack of
affordable houses and the poorest pensions in western Europe are funding the next generation of nuclear weapons and the fourth largest armed forces in the world while London grows ever more bloated – well, so what indeed? The answer to that question lies in our hands in September.

Gordon Darge

Leslie Street