Angry Putin can turn off the taps

EUROPE imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine and is now threatening more sanctions over flight MH17 even before an investigation.

Politicians and sabre rattlers should be reminded that Putin supplies oil and gas to most of Europe and there is no such thing as a docile Russian bear.

If Putin reacts by turning off the taps, economic recovery in Europe would collapse and hundreds of thousands be thrown out of work.

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Russia supplies 28 per cent of Holland’s oil and 11 per cent of its gas. France 15 per cent oil, 18 per cent gas. Italy 25 per cent oil, 38 per cent gas. Germany 35 per cent oil, 42 per cent gas.

If the tap is turned off 
then Angela Merkel and other European leaders will be forced to resign as Europe grinds to a standstill.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow