Alex is no Bruce

Alex Salmond has made a 
cynical, desperate and pathetic attempt to invoke the spirit of Robert the Bruce by issuing his “Declaration of Opportunity” 
at Arbroath (your report, 19 

This follows the last attempt to gain support for his failing campaign with the anniversary celebration of the Battle of Bannockburn, an attempt which failed to materialise quite spectacularly. Rational thinking people are not fooled by such nonsense.

Robert the Bruce is an iconic and important figure in Scottish history. In a play on the words of an American politician responding to an attempt in a debate by an opponent to compare himself favourably to Jack Kennedy, “Alex Salmond, you are no Robert the Bruce.”

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Raymond Paul

Braid Farm Road


Alex Salmond should think better of himself – and us – than to wave the Declaration of Arbroath. It was a begging letter to the Pope, asking to be taken seriously and to be protected from the big, scary English next door.

Any document containing the words “our poor little Scotland” (in exili degentes Scocia) is to be deprecated and not given house room.

Scotland should vote Yes because we are a proud, confident, self-determining nation today, not a rabbit scared in the headlights 700 year ago.

(Dr) Bruce Durie

Wemyss Buildings

Kirkcaldy, Fife