Alba figures

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I note in your article (“First Minister calls for radical reform of the BBC” (27 August), that to support Nicola Sturgeon’s call for reform of the BBC, she was expected to say in her speech on Thursday that BBC Alba reaches 700,000 people. You have neglected to report that she will also state that we have only 60,000 Gaelic speakers in 

The implication is that 640,000 viewers sit watching a channel on which they do not understand a word. I think not. I do watch BBC Alba for the rugby using, of course, the red button to receive the commentary in English.

While BBC Alba can be reached by 700,000 people, a more interesting statistic would be how many people actually watch it. This is yet another example of Ms Sturgeon playing with statistics, in this case to try and support her ultimate aim to control broadcasting.

I suppose the presumption is that if such a great number of viewers are happy to watch a channel whose language they do not understand your average viewer will be happy to hear only that which the Scottish Government wants them to hear.

John B Gorrie

Craigmount Gardens