Act was a drag

I was interested in your
headline, “Drag queen’s triumph ‘a victory for tolerance’” (your
report, 12 May).

I missed the boring bit (the songs) and only tuned in to catch the interesting part, which is, of course, the geopolitics of who votes for whom.

However, it is instructive that the president of Austria made
reference to tolerance in
acknowledging his countryperson’s victory.

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By comparison, in the days of my youth, such an appearance would have been seen as moral decadence, symbolic of all that is wrong with society today.

Back in those days, they said that such behaviour was the cause of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire – somewhat exaggerated when you add in climatic changes, devalued coinage and Germanic tribes invading Gaul.

Austria’s win says a lot about what is considered normal in
today’s society, but would
anyone actually call it progress?

In fact, it is becoming
rather boring and predictable as a way of calling attention to
oneself and is no substitute for talent.

Appropriate that it was the Wurst entry!


Craiglea Drive