Above the law?

For years, the City of Edinburgh Council and Lothian and Borders Police connived to licence and permit brothels, which are clearly in breach of the law, and the
Scottish Government allowed this to continue.

Now some police officers are complaining that they are being asked to intervene to stop this criminal activity (your report, 30 May) as part of the unified Police Scotland.

Why was Lothian and Borders Police ever allowed to take the law into its own hands?

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Why is the City of Edinburgh Council allowed to run the city as an independent principality, picking and choosing from the Laws of Scotland?

Why does the Scottish Government tolerate such flagrant disregard for the law?

Are there any other issues where a blind eye is turned to wrong doing by the police, 
councils, or criminal organisations? Anyone believing brothels should be legalised should make their case in public and political debate, aiming to change the law.

Richard Lucas