A hot topic

Clark Cross (Letters, 23 July) ­refers us to a study that found that sea water chemistry has ­correlated with climate for 130 million years. So what? It does not mean that sea water is behind current warming.

As for costs, since he will never accept climate change as a justification, let me explain it in terms that even he should understand. Oil and gas are running out. As populous countries like China and India industrialise, they will run out even faster. Meanwhile, we continue to buy what oil remains from unstable Middle Eastern regimes that use their oil wealth to spread militant Islam. And Europe increasingly depends for its gas on a long pipeline controlled by the Kremlin. Economic and political necessity will force us off fossil fuels anyway, and will do so far sooner than people like Cross realise. Investing heavily in alternatives now puts us in a much better position than those forced to change at the last minute, and sets us up as leaders in the technologies of the future.

(Dr) Stephen Moreton

Marina Avenue

Warrington, Cheshire

Clark Cross correctly points out the uselessness of our costly CO2 reduction programmes, while China emits eight billion tonnes of CO2 every year.

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By comparison, UK emissions are half a billion tonnes, and Scotland produces so little that it practically fails to register.

Dr Stephen Moreton and his colleagues would be better employed in China, if they really believe what they say about the dangers of CO2. The only problem is that there would be no jobs for them there.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross