18 months to talk

Donald Lewis (Letters, 16 April) seems confused about the referendum timetable. There will be 18 months after the Yes vote before Scotland becomes independent. During this period there will be ample time to 
negotiate continuing membership of the European Union.

He implies that the EU can simply kick out the Scots, but like most people living in Scotland I have an EU passport that makes me an EU citizen. Is he really suggesting that the EU is going to confiscate the passports of everyone in Scotland?

What about Scots currently living elsewhere in the EU? What about other EU citizens currently living in Scotland?

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I am aware that there are countries with local issues that want to discourage Scots from taking control of their own destiny, but there are plenty of good reasons why the EU would want Scotland to remain as a member.

The scaremongering will cease the day after the Yes vote; negotiation and pragmatism will be the order of the day.

Andrew Collins

Skinners Steps