Leader comment: Trump explains a thing about ‘people of wealth’

Donald Trump is very, very rich (Picture: John Devlin)
Donald Trump is very, very rich (Picture: John Devlin)
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There have been some people who have suggested Donald Trump may not be as rich as he appears.

But all such talk should now end. For it has emerged that the US President personally paid a lawyer more than $460,000 for “incidental expenses” and other costs incurred on his behalf – without knowing what much of it was for.

Now, those of us who have not been as successful as the US President may have mildly interested, but Trump didn’t get to where he is today by fussing about such trivial details.

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So he didn’t know the lawyer paid $130,000 to an ex-porn star, Stormy Daniels, as part of a deal to prevent her from going public about an alleged affair with Trump.

And he didn’t know where the lawyer had got the money to pay her. How could he?

After all, the reimbursement to the lawyer was made after the payment to Daniels. That lawyer, who decided entirely by himself to pay Daniels, must be fairly rich too.

Trump helpfully explained on Twitter that such non-disclosure agreements were “very common among celebrities and people of wealth”.

Good to know.

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