Leader comment: Still Game, an immortal TV show that will never die

Still Game is to end after its ninth series
Still Game is to end after its ninth series
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The news that Still Game is to end some 16 years after the series first appeared on our television screens will dismay many.

The exploits of Jack, Victor and the gang have brought joy and laughter to many in Scotland, the UK and overseas, so the final episode will doubtless be accompanied by more than a few tears.

However, given the longevity of the beloved BBC Scotland show – which like much of the comedy in Britain began life as a show at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe – it will surely stand the test of time.

After the ninth and last series is over, fans may decide to go back to the beginning. And, of course, today’s younger generation is always on the lookout for a decent box set to binge on.

Have no fear, the wonderful stories created by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill will live on, providing not just entertainment but inspiration to those approaching the later years of life that old age can be just as much fun as the days of youth – maybe even more so.

So, Jack, Victor, Isa, Navid, Winston, Shug and all the rest – immortals of Scottish comedy – we salute you!