Leader comment: Good humour has the last laugh

JK Rowling donned a Scottish Resistance T-shirt in the name of fun. Picture: PA
JK Rowling donned a Scottish Resistance T-shirt in the name of fun. Picture: PA
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So April 1st has been and gone, and it brought with it the usual slew of jokes and japes. We hoped you liked our April Fool story on the fictitious plan to have all Scottish babies micro-chipped. Like all good examples it was scarily plausible just for a moment.

Picking through the newspapers and identifying the various stories can be fun, and also on occasion difficult given how many odd stories there happen to be about. Yesterday, The Sun came to marking stories with a faux stamp that said “This is not the April Fool Folks” just to make things clear.

But of course the jokes are not just in newspapers, they are in offices, schools, homes, in fact everywhere.

One which is worth mentioning played out on Twitter. The Nationalist group Scottish Resistance claimed the famously pro-Union author JK Rowling had joined their organisation and posted a picture of the writer which had been photoshopped to show her wearing the group’s logo.

Ms Rowling’s response was to post a picture of herself wearing a tee shirt with Scottish Resistance on it saying: “They needn’t have used photoshop, though”.

So why is this exchange worthy of note? Because so many interactions on Twitter can be rude and aggressive if not downright 
nasty. And that was particularly true of interactions beween unionists and nationalists in the run up to the referendum on independence and beyond. The only term to describe some of the comments received by JK Rowling following her backing of the Union is abuse.

So it was actually heartwarming to see 
an exchange that demonstrated wit and restraint.