Leader comment: Boris Johnson comes up with another bonzer idea

A 1985 artist's impression of a bridge across the English Channel (Picture: PA)
A 1985 artist's impression of a bridge across the English Channel (Picture: PA)
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Boris Johnson likes to see himself as a visionary leader, someone prepared to think big and leave the minor details to lesser mortals. Take, for example, his idea to create an artificial “Boris Island” in the Thames Estuary to accommodate a four-runway airport.

It was bold and imaginative but failed to convince the Government-backed Davies Commission, which quickly excluded the suggestion from its inquiry into how to increase London’s aviation links.

The then Mayor of London was forced to console himself with the relative popularity of his Boris Bikes.

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Now we can add the Boris Bridge to the current Foreign Secretary’s list of whizzo schemes, after he floated the idea of spanning the English Channel.

One expert suggested it would cost at least £120 billion and that it might “cheaper to move France closer”.

But the Foreign Secretary can take such cheap shots in his stride. After all, his most spectacular bonzer idea is proving a huge success.

Boris’s Brexit is going swimmingly with the UK set to “take back control” of not just £350m a week, but £438m. Or so he claims.

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