Leader comment: Beware the Beast from the East

The Beast from the East arrives in Edinburgh.
The Beast from the East arrives in Edinburgh.
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The “Beast from the East” arrived in dramatic style. Yesterday began cold but sunny in Edinburgh, affording fine views from The Scotsman’s office high on Orchard Brae over the city and across into Fife.

But, shortly after lunchtime, a large white cloud appeared on the horizon. It seemed to stretch down to the ground, prompting a debate in the office about whether it was dropping snow or rain. As it turned out, it was sleet, but this soon passed and the sunshine returned. It proved to be an advance party of a much bigger weather front. And, at about 2.30pm, a huge wall of white began to roll in from the Firth of Forth, bringing a thick blizzard of fluffy snowflakes. Just as it seemed to be settling in for good, the sunshine returned. It was the first of a series of waves of sunshine and blizzards. The Beast had arrived.

Weather-watching from inside an office can be fun, but forecasters are warning of potentially dangerous conditions today and tomorrow with blizzards and sub-zero temperatures.

So if you have to go out, check travel advice first, make sure to prepare for the conditions and take extra care on the roads.

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