Leader comment: A unfortunate stain on Trump’s reputation

Donald Trump's golfing resort Trump Turnberry has banned Irn-Bru
Donald Trump's golfing resort Trump Turnberry has banned Irn-Bru
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Given his apparent fondness for Scotland, enterprising businesses and the colour orange, one might have thought Donald Trump would have been our other national drink’s biggest fan.

However, it has now emerged that Irn-Bru has been banned from Trump Turnberry after his staff insisted this was necessary to safeguard the carpets from stains.

The US President may have been fake-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize – leading to an inconclusive police investigation into forgery (no one has suggested Trump himself could be a suspect) – and he may be a contender for this year’s prize in the eyes of those who believe tacitly threatening to nuke North Korea led to peace in our time.

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But, despite such credentials and remarks about Scots being “very special people”, he still appears a touch unpopular in the land of his mother’s birth.

The decision to set up an Irn-Bru exclusion zone around Turnberry will only exacerbate such feelings. The resort may have ballroom carpets to protect but surely the stain on Trump’s reputation from this ill-considered decision is much, much worse.

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