Karen Koren: Forced into rearranging the Festival furniture

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JUST a little piece of advice for everyone - never have your living room painted while away on holiday.

Arriving home late on Sunday night, with all the lights in the sitting room unplugged, I was unable to see that all the furniture had been put back in the wrong places.

Instead if being nice and fresh for the next few months ahead, I ended up getting into the office late the next morning... although at least the furniture was back in its correct place.

Just before I left Norway, yet another show cancelled. Michael Mittermeier, a brilliant German stand-up had to cancel his Festival show, due to a slipped disc. He is obviously very apologetic and has had to cancel a whole tour and most of the work he has over the next few months.

Obviously, this is unavoidable and we all wish him the best in his recovery, however, it does not help the gap in our programme. It seems this is the year of the cancelled shows, never before have so many people had to pull out of their commitment to perform at the Festival.

We are lucky that Alan Davis is coming and will take Michael Mittermeier’s place in the Nightclub, instead of the Billiard Room, where I had programmed him last week.

This means that I have a huge whole in the Billiard Room. Any funny folk, or shows that are having to move venues, please get in touch. It does also mean, of course, that I can put on extra shows, should any of our shows sell-out. We will be doing our best to make that happen.

In the meantime, Paul Zerdin has been selling very well and has already asked for extra dates. We will see what we can do on that front.

Kiss Me Honey, Honey the play with Grant Stott and Andy Gray has been selling extremely well and they are about to start rehearsals. We will push them to extra shows, perhaps, though the play will be tough-going on the guys, with multiple parts to play and lots of tomfoolery.

It remains to be seen if they have the stamina to do extra shows - I challenge them.