John Gibson: ‘Sadists’ who have me squeamish

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Let’s get this straight for a start. I’m not a doctor. You’ll know by now. Neither am I a sadist. The rumours are untrue. But I’m seeing a lot of sadism in the ongoing TV coverage of the measles contagion in Wales.

On teatime telly every other night now we see babes in arms screaming as the cameras close up show their skin being punctured, only after we’ve seen the syringe poised. Cameramen and television producers appear to take a fiendish delight in the process. Is this not sadism? Measles? Nasty, nasty.

But I can imagine many a mother watching this, reluctant to have this done to their offspring. Then again maybe I’m too squeamish, would you believe.

Help for Harry

Nah, you wouldn’t see it in “sits vacant” at the Job Centre, but it’s hooray-for-Harry time again. Our noble prince is to have his own private secretary. Harry’s right-hand man is a former army officer (we’d never have guessed), ex-Household Cavalry, formerly with a financial communications firm.

So his credentials appear to be impeccable. What does the job pay? None of our business. Even though we’re paying.


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