John Gibson: OK, we’ve seen your credentials

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You need the right credentials to get in. So Philip Contini, checked out at the gates, was waved in and got to work right away, setting up his stall. Always the chance he’d get lost in the crowd, mind you.

Valvona & Crolla were among 200 exhibitors, all holders of the Royal Warrant and invited to Buckingham Palace for the Coronation Festival, celebrating the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

‘‘It opened at noon today until five and from six to ten, runs for three days. Mary (his wife) and I will wallow in it all. We’ll promote Scottish cheeses and prosciutto from Italy. Her Majesty is familiar with the taste. We send the cheese and ham up to Balmoral each time she’s there,’’ says Phil.

The Continis, spending the week in London, are happy hob-nobbing. They’ll rub shoulders with Harrods, Selfridges, Bentley, Jaguar and, hopefully, with Princes Anne. The Princess Royal has dropped into Valvona & Crolla several times when she’s been in Elm Row, up the road from Holyrood Palace.

The Coronation Festival, staged in the Buck Palace grounds and organised by the Royal Warrant Holders Association, will attract 60,000 visitors over the weekend.

Tuft justice

Stone me if a lock of Mick Jagger’s hair, snipped when he wasn’t looking by his first girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton, has fetched from a private collector £4000 at auction at Bonhams, London.

Charity benefited from the proceeds.

I have to wonder what a single strand of mine would have fetched. I hear no offers and that makes me curl.