John Gibson: Let world view these statues

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Say, what’s the big idea? Location, location, location. An idea that will change the face of city centre Edinburgh involving two of its loftiest landmarks.

Here’s the plan. We topple Wellington with his horse from his perch at the foot of the Bridges and replace him with Sherlock Holmes, born here and well worthy of Edinburgh, world-renowned, where Wellington is not. Currently the sleuth slumbers, his statue close to his birthplace is barely noticeable by the public at large.

Earl Haig, who sent thousands to their death in France in the First World War, has also glorified on the Castle Esplanade. In its place we feature the two splendid kangaroos from the foot of Leith Street, just several jumps up from the Playhouse.

The theatre, which has raked in fortunes over the years from countless capacity audiences, could well afford a suitable showbiz statue. There’s always Sean Connery.