John Gibson: Heart of glass or face of a prune?

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This is Debbie Harry talking from her home in New York: “I am vain about my looks. But as I get older I sort of wonder how people will respond to me. When I’m an old prune. Maybe I’ll get sad. But I can always look back at my old pictures and say ‘God, I was cute!’ I’ve had a good run really.”

The 68-year-old prune, her birthday today, makes a come-back at the Usher Hall tomorrow. With custard, please, Deborah!

The truth is out

Another of those damn surveys but, hey, listen. Just one person in five believes that MPs tell the truth. Do me a favour and make that one in four.

Up to 72 per cent of MPs in general have been voted untrustworthy, more interested in themselves than in their country. As if we didn’t know.

Swim for it

Now get the hell out’s what I say. We’ve just deported back to Australia the nutter who screwed up last year’s Boat Race, swimming in the paths of Oxford and Cambridge.

And quite right, too. Trumpeted a Home Office official: “Those who come to the UK must abide by our laws.”