Jim Duffy: Holly Willoughby for Prime Minister!

Lorraine Kelly could be a leading light of the 'Scottish Natter Party' (Picture: PA)
Lorraine Kelly could be a leading light of the 'Scottish Natter Party' (Picture: PA)
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Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump was America’s reaction to that useless President – Barack Obama.

Life is good for Obama right now as he coins it in, laughing at what he let into the White House. Trump was voted in by Americans. Let’s not forget that fact. He didn’t just pop up one day to the White House with guys like “Sloppy Steve” Bannon and start dismantling the integrity of the Oval Office.

No, President Trump is a bona fide elected President. But, what he has started by breaking the grip of career politicians on high office is now becoming pretty interesting. Enter Oprah Winfrey…

At the Golden Globes awards last Sunday night, she was on fire. The multi-millionaire TV mogul delivered a stirring speech that moved the audience within the event and around the USA. Her delivery was immense and many commentators started to look beyond for more strategic meaning.

The speech stirred emotions and pent-up frustration among so many within the Hollywood bubble and across the 50 states in the USA. But, could she make the White House if she tried to do so? Would Bernie Sanders be on her ticket in a bold move to stick the Democrats back into power? Who knows and, quite frankly, this one will roll on for a good bit. Imagine Oprah Winfrey, a black woman who, unlike Trump, did not get $1 million from daddy to get her started, running for President and actually gaining power.

Could she save the heart and soul of America? I truly think she could if properly advised and with a willingness to listen. But, what I want to know does not sit within the borders of America. What I want you to consider is this – where is our Oprah Winfrey in Scotland and the UK? What superwoman could swing into action and save us from the career politicians?

Well, let’s see … I’m voting for Holly Willoughby for Prime Minister!! And why not? Holly is loved by the nation. She’s just fab and a wee treasure. She has a fantastic sense of humour and along with her partner in crime – Philip Schofield – she would run a great government. Firstly, she doesn’t need the money, that pitiful salary we pay our Prime Minister. A leader who governs more than 60 million people earns a measly £150,000 a year. I bet Holly earns that in a month with her endorsements and TV show. So, Holly could afford to take a pay cut for a few years to govern us.

But, how would she run the Cabinet? On her morning show of course. Her and wee Phil would bring on the ministers and make decisions on live TV. She could conduct her phone-ins and get public opinion in real time.

Then we could all vote via the phone lines at 10p a text. Hey presto – policy-making made on the hoof with audience participation. Add to that her massive following on Twitter – 7.4 million to be precise – and she has all the communications tools necessary to keep us all involved.

I bet that if Holly decided that Brexit was a bad idea, she could win over the Brexiteers and have the whole thing stopped. While Theresa May is clearly marching on with the “will of the people”, but Holly would halt a no-deal Brexit and bring harmony to the country. Go Holly!

But, who would she have in her Cabinet? I’m sure she would have Chancellor Phil Hammond there, so that she and Phil Schofield could have some fun and giggles. Maybe Hammond could also do the cookery slot each week while he tells us all about his economic plans and strategy over eggs Benedict with smoked salmon.

There is no doubt she would add Davina McCall and Amanda Holden to her Cabinet to advise on health and social policy. And of course, Russell Brand to add some spice and flavour. Yes, it’s all shaping up nicely. But, what about Scotland? Who is Scotland’s Oprah Winfrey? That’s easy – Lorraine Kelly. That awesome Dundee United fan who we all love and trust is honest and straight to the point.

However, this time, I’m not for swapping out Nicola Sturgeon. I think a Kelly/Sturgeon ticket would be phenomenal for our nation. But instead of the Scottish National Party, these two would run under the Scottish Natter Party banner. Both could invite guests onto Lorraine’s show each morning and just like Holly, the audience could vote in real time for policy. I am sure this TV would draw a heck of a lot more than Alex Salmond’s Russian number. How boring … go Lorraine and Nicola as you re-create a new dimension in how Scottish politics is put together.

All sound a bit far-fetched? Think again. If Donald Trump can make the White House, then Oprah has a fabulous chance to do it and create a whole new paradigm in American politics. She has the reach, the authority, the following and the public relations to make it happen.

And I believe the Democrats would swoop to support and endorse her. And yes, don’t discount a celebrity over here in the UK running for PM or FM. Never say never and as this whole world changes, I can see more shocks taking place in politics.

Remember, we are a celebrity-infatuated society. Willoughby only needs to wear a new frock on TV and it sells out in hours! That’s the power these people have. Imagine if they used it in the world of politics.

I wonder if their advisors and agents have had the same thoughts…