Independence debate: The key quotes

The televised debate begins. Picture: PA
The televised debate begins. Picture: PA
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The key quotes from the debate between and Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling:

Alex Salmond

“We have to end austerity and the pressure on the public services. Why it’s worth having control of our own finances is we can do that in an independent Scotland.”

“In six weeks time we will make the biggest decision that we’ve ever made here in Scotland. If we decide to leave there is no going back – no second chance.”

“We cannot make this decision on the basis of guesswork, fingers crossed, on his blind faith. It’s important that we make this decision on answers and facts.”

“On the 18th of September we have the opportunity of a lifetime. We should seize it with both hands.”

Alistair Darling

“I want to see Scotland prosper. I don’t want to see new barriers, new borders, new boundaries where none exist.”

“We’ll keep the pound, because it’s our pound as well as England’s pound. It’s logical and desirable to have a currency union.”

“It’s sometimes best to say No – not because you can’t, but simply because it’s not the best thing to do.”

“I want you (Salmond) to do something that would be really difficult. I want you to contemplate for just one minute the fact that you might be wrong.“