In praise of Donald Trump – leader comment

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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It is possible to look on the bright side about Donald Trump being “the leader of the free world”.

The ability to look on the bright side is, usually, an agreeable character trait. And George Robertson, the former Nato Secretary-General and Labour Defence Secretary, appears amply blessed with this admirable quality, given his words about the enlivening effect of Donald Trump’s reported questioning of US membership of the military alliance.

The Aberdeenshire and Ayrshire golf course mogul – currently moonlighting as US President – had shattered a sense of “complacency” among the other members that America “will always be there with its clout and resources”, Robertson said, adding: “For that, if nothing else, we should be grateful.”

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However, he did admit that it was all a bit “worrying”.

Among other wee worries is that Trump named the European Union when asked to reveal his “biggest foe globally right now” last year and that, according to NBC News, Trump has sided with the Saudi Crown Prince, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin over US intelligence communities “multiple times”.

So if you harbour any complacency about Trump, look on the bright side – and shatter it.

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