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Nick Freer: You don’t need to be a geek to succeed in coding

There’s an American HBO series called Silicon Valley where young coders write computer programme language or “code” in the hope of being the next tech start-up stars, smoke impressive amounts of cannabis and end up making millions of dollars through VC funding rounds, acquisitions and IPOs.

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Govan shipyard on the Clyde. (Picture: Phil Wilkinson)

Mike Clancy: The Government’s actions show defence is a low priority

Difficult questions about defence spending will be back on the agenda over the coming week.

Celtic fans unfurl a banner that comments on the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act. Picture: Rob Casey/SNS Group

Euan McColm: Political football was no way to tackle bigots

In the days before the SNP dominated Scottish politics, certain truths were held to be self-evident.

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The sun sets on a Carillion construction crane in London. Photograph: AFP/Daniel Sorabji/Getty

Bill Jamieson: Our strategy puts PFI and Carillion to shame

Of the many issues to be faced in the wake of the Carillion collapse, two are particularly pressing. The first is the plight of an estimated 30,000 companies owed money. Particularly vulnerable are the smaller firms at the end of the Carillion food chain – those that supplied building materials, brickies, roofers and plumbers to its major projects.

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Richard Leonard abandoned all reason in comparing Sturgeon to Thatcher, says Darren McGarvey  Picture by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Darren McGarvey: Comparing Sturgeon to Thatcher is deeply offensive

Richard Leonard’s comparison of Nicola Sturgeon and Margaret Thatcher is absurd; one gave us baby boxes, the other corpses with needles in their arms, writes Darren McGarvey.

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A health worker speaks to a mother in Kasungu, Malawi (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Fiona Hyslop: Scotland’s aid spending is vital despite austerity at home

Overseas aid helps some of world’s poorest people and wins Scotland new friends, writes Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hyslop.

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A portrait of Robert Burns

Leader comment: Robert Burns may be lauded but he had his flaws

Shutting down criticism of Robert Burns risks treating Scotland’s national bard as a secular saint rather than the flawed man that he was.

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A surge in flu cases has put the NHS under severe pressure (Picture: Getty)

David Galloway: NHS is being harmed by politically driven targets

NHS staff are being diverted from frontline duties caring for patients to fill in admin about waiting-time targets, writes Professor David Galloway.

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Artists from the US have created Climoji, a special set of emoticons for use in dicussions about climate change

Ilona Amos: There’s some good news – and bad – about global warming

So there’s good news and bad news when it comes to predicting how hot the planet will get as a result of climate change, according to new research.

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Chief of the General Staff General Nick Carter, seen inspecting soldiers in Winchester, has warned about the military threat posed by Russia (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Leader comment: The Great Powers are playing a dangerous game

Head of the British Army warns of threats posed by cyberwar, fake news and assassinations – and Russia’s “eye-watering” military capabilities.

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Many tasks are now being performed over the internet, so a functioning connection is important (Picture: PA)

Keith Brown: Superfast broadband for all Scots is coming

In an age of burgeoning technological advancements, digital connectivity is playing an increasingly influential role in Scotland’s economic success, writes Keith Brown, Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work.

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Matthew Kay is Director of Vario for Pinsent Masons

Matthew Kay: Our Vario model offers a new and better way to provide freelance legal services

PINSENT Masons has pioneered a new way of providing freelance legal resource to clients who need specialist short-term or temporary legal assistance. Vario is now an established network of freelance lawyers which includes individuals with in-house and in-firm legal counsel experience, who come from a huge variety of backgrounds and usually hold a divergence of personal motivations.

Court actions for industrial disease and illness caused by breathing in excessive fumes and dust are no longer confined to heavy industry

David McIntosh: We all have a right to work in safety

Court actions for industrial disease and illness arising from exposure to excessive dust and fumes in the workplace are normally associated with the “heavy” professions of the past – not with colleges and schools.

ACAS research suggests companies and organisations should consider installing individual cubicles catering for all staff regardless of gender identity or expression. Picture: Getty

Val Dougan: Gender issues should be high on your agenda

THE Scottish Government has stated its intention to make the legal process of changing gender easier and less intrusive. This follows a 2016 House of Commons Committee investigation which reported high levels of transphobia in the UK, with an alarming rate of attempted suicide within the trans-gender community.

In each situation, in an office, in a room, on the street, women must stand up for themselves. Picture: Getty/iStockphoto

Kirsty Gunn: Women need to be brave on streets, not just say ‘me too’

Women are tricky. Men are. We’re tricky to ourselves, tricky to each other. Though we do everything we can to close the gap between genders – thinking as feminists, thinking ethics, politics, sexuality and gender, all in terms of a social norm that might exist that would put all issues of domination and subjection to rights, still the trickiness is there all the same.

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Dundee holds high hopes of a surge in visitor numbers following the opening of the V&A museum later this year.

Lesley Riddoch: Will Scotland finally discover Dundee?

Despite the attraction of the V&A, there is a mental block to be worked round when it comes to venturing north of the River Tay says Lesley Riddoch

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Taxi for Bolton: The Ukip leader Henry Bolton has been served a vote of no confidence by his party's ruling body.

Leader comment: Ukip would not be missed

How on earth Ukip managed to play a successful role in last year’s EU referendum is a mystery.

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After comming to a wage increase for public sector workers, the Scottish Government now has to deliver - to all.

Leader comment: Public sector pay rise must apply to all

Public sector workers in Scotland have, over recent years, seen pay increases capped at a paltry 1 per cent.

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The Big Burns Supper in Dumfries is billed as 'a heady mixture of cabaret, comedy, music and entertainment in the most modern of Scotland's celebrations of the national bard, Robert Burns.

Brian Ferguson: Burns is inspiring cultural celebrations worthy of his name

It is increasingly hard to recall, but there was a time when the Scottish tourism and events business was not grappling with some kind of big idea each year.

After his intervention in matters at the Scottish Police Authority, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson must now be odds-on favourite to depart in a Cabinet reshuffle, says Brian Monteith.

Brian Monteith: The party who voters can trust will reap the benefit

The SNP must be held to account for failing to honour commitments, particularly on Police Scotland and the Royal Alexandra Hospital, but it is not alone there says Brian Monteith

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