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One in four businesses in the licensed trade sector expects to lose staff because of Brexit, says Crtion. Picture: Contributed

Comment: Tourism sector must be key priority during Brexit

Theresa May’s decision to scrap the £65 “Settled Status” fee for EU citizens is a welcome move for the hospitality sector wanting to hold on to its workforce. But, as raised by Marc Crothall of the Scottish Tourism Alliance at the Scottish Affairs Committee in Westminster earlier this month, many of the government’s post-Brexit plans will make it extremely difficult for the industry to attract the talent and experience of EU workers it needs in the future.

Duncan Bauchop is a Trainee Solicitor with Turcan Connell

Duncan Bauchop: Updating rights of working parents set for consultation

The UK government has announced the opening of its new consultation on parental leave, specifically whether the protection from redundancy afforded to mothers while on maternity leave should be extended to cover the period spanning the six months after their return to work, and whether other classes of individuals, such as adoptive parents or couples sharing parental leave, should be afforded greater protection and rights.

John Sturrock QC is senior mediator at Core Solutions.

John Sturrock: Knowing how to negotiate is an essential life skill

‘The ability to negotiate well, to find ways to cooperate which recognise and promote the broad public interest, is essential to our future. We will not survive without being able to see beyond narrow and partisan positions. Our future depends on being competent negotiators. There is no more important set of skills to teach the next generation.”

Alan Gilfillan is a Partner with Balfour+Manson

Alan Gilfillan: Legal consequences of a no-deal Brexit

The UK is set to leave the European Union on 29 March. If MPs accept the proposed withdrawal agreement, we will enter a transition period where most EU law will still apply in the UK and there will be further discussions about our future relationship. However, there is a chance we might leave the EU without a deal and should consider what this means for UK businesses.

We want leaders to ditch rhetoric but still give amazing speeches ' and that's a big ask, says Westring. Picture: Contributed

Comment: How pathos helps leaders like Trump reign supreme

“I’m tired of the rhetoric, because nothing gets done.” A senior civil servant allows himself a candid moment over morning coffee. In one sentence he articulates why more than two-thirds of citizens are dissatisfied with the UK political system and why voter turnout and public trust in government have steadily fallen since the mid 1980s. Party leaders may evangelise about their achievements from the steps of parliament and the podiums of pressrooms, but, no matter how much budget is pledged or red tape cut, they remain unconvincing.

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