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Bill Jamieson: Mackay ‘no change’ budget belies big risks

Move on, nothing to see here,” sums up the muted reaction to Scotland’s budget unveiled last week. Barring grumbles from higher rate taxpayers on freezing of the tax threshold, there was relief – and particularly over the upgrading of economic growth forecasts by the Scottish Fiscal Commission.

The advert for Aptamil baby formula is a prime example of reinforcing gender cliches

Dani Garavelli: Commercial break with gender stereotypes

The news that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is to ban gender stereotyping was greeted with predictable equanimity by the commenters on the Daily Mail website. “So they’ll advertise floor cleaning products with – what – a man?” asked Paulusmac from Chester, who is clearly as much of a stranger to a mop and bucket as he is to the nuances of sexual politics. “Whaaat? – OXO mum banned? The stupid PC snowflakes have won,” added General Chaos.

Harry McQuillan is chief executive of Community Pharmacy Scotland.

Harry McQuillan: Pharmacies provide positive influence on health of local communities

We hear in the news of the decline of the high street, with everyone from small businesses to the larger chains facing difficulties fairly frequently these days. While hardly anyone would want to see our high streets all shuttered and empty, many of us appreciate the convenience of online shopping and have shifted over to an online world, without thinking about the impact that this has on the bricks and mortar of the places we used to and for some, still frequently, visit near us.

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