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Jane Bradley: Pioneer of AI will be turning in his grave

The developers of Artificial Intelligence are ignoring the warnings of one of its pioneers, writes Jane Bradley.

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Glasgow University graduates celebrate ' but is their joy likely to be short-lived away from the education treadmill? Picture: John Devlin

John McLellan: What is that First really worth?

Grade inflation calls into question the real value of the degree classification, writes John McLellan.

Lynn Wilson advises entrepreneurs

Comment: Shares option 'could ease growing pains of a small business'

Equity schemes offer ways to engage – and retain – employees, suggests Lynn Wilson
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Banking on the move has been a major factor in the number of branches being shut, with the Royal Bank of Scotland responsible for 350 closures since 2015. Picture: Getty

Gareth Shaw: We’re not ready for a world without bank branches

It was only a few weeks ago that I wrote about the closure of bank branches, and my first-hand experience of seeing the impact of closures in rural areas.

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We, as consumers, have clearly marked out our intent to shop, bank and live online and as a direct consequence our high streets, shopping centres and town centres are all facing radical change

Shopping habits 'are changing Scotland'

Comment: Phil Prentice on the changing face of the retail environment
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A protester holds a sign outside a closed gate at the Port of Entry facility in Fabens, Texas, where tent shelters are being used to house separated family members. Picture: AP

Susan Dalgety: The fault line that runs through the big heart of the US

Southern hospitality is a classic stereotype, just like Gone with the Wind, mint juleps on the porch and hillbillies strumming their banjos long into the night.

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Family: Janet Christie’s Mum’s the Word

Why parenting can be a scarring experience

An Electoral Reform Society survey found 76 per cent felt they had no influence on council spending

Alice Kinghorn-Gray: Scotland’s democratic deficit must be overcome

Scotland has a long way to go before it can be regarded as truly democratic, writes Alice Kinghorn-Gray

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Broadcaster Jenni Falconer is promoting the HSBC Let's Ride events in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Picture: Johnston Press

Alastair Dalton: Traffic-free events the perfect way to try cycling

Everyone knows the benefits of cycling and many would like to give it a try - but where do you start?

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Rebekah Widdowfield is the CEO of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Rebekah Widdowfield: Enlightened dialogue need to build the world we live in

Where can you go for ideas, insights and inspiration? Whose information and advice can you trust in an age of fake news? Where can you engage in dialogue and debate on the changes affecting our day to day lives and the kind of society you want?

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Graeme Atha, director of the Marketing Society

Graeme Atha: Stars of marketing are really hot stuff

More than 500 marketing ­professionals gathered at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh last night for the Marketing Society Star Awards – our biggest and brightest night of the year.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of Scottish Beer and Pub Association.

Brigid Simmonds: Don’t let the taps run dry – pubs are crucial for the economy

With the World Cup now in full swing, many a fan will be heading to their local pub to follow the action, despite the disappointment of ­Scotland failing to qualify. It’s at times like these we are reminded that our pubs are a national asset, ­serving as a hub for communities across the country, as well as being a crucial contributor to Scotland’s world-leading tourism industry.

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What is on the face of it a 'pensions' case has much broader implications, says Ennis. Picture: contributed.

Comment: Faces may change but liability remains the same

A judgement recently issued by the Inner House of the Court of Session, in a case closely ­followed for some years by many of ­Scotland’s law firms, has implications for the wider business community.

Billy Caldwell with his mother Charlotte, who  has won permission to treat her son's epilepsy with medicinal cannabis. Picture: PA

Kenny MacAskill: Legalising cannabis is the way forward

If cannabis is good enough for Billy Caldwell, it’s good enough to be legalised, says Kenny MacAskill

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Tom Peterkin: Lord Sewel’s intervention won’t quell SNP outrage

Tom Peterkin: Lord Sewel’s intervention won’t quell SNP outrage

The constitutional clashes between the Scottish and UK governments are only getting louder, writes Tom Peterkin

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Leader comment: Midge burger and flies please

Leader comment: Midge burger and flies please

THEY are the scourge of the Scottish summer, vicious little blighters that can destroy an afternoon in the countryside.

Glasgow Art School was gutted by a devastating blaze on Friday. Picture: John Devlin

Bill Jamieson: Mack fire is a chance to build something new

Before rushing to rebuild a Mackintosh pastiche, Glasgow must consider something modern, writes Bill Jamieson

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Some of the strongest support from all age groups for wild land protection was found in the Highlands and Islands

Mel Nicoll: Protecting wild landscapes for future generations is worth fighting for

Scotland may not have qualified for the World Cup finals, but in one field at least we are up there near the top of the global league table. In a recent worldwide poll of readers of the famous Rough Guides, we won the accolade of the Most Beautiful Country in the World, beating Canada, New Zealand and Italy into second, third and fourth place respectively.

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Kevin Reid, Director of Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh with author Martin Dorey and Hamish the camper van

Kevin Reid: Everything in the gardens is rosy – so why not set off on the Bonnie Botany Tour road trip?

The Royal Botanic ­Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is often described as ‘one organisation in four locations’ having our extensive Living Collection spread across four places, each featuring ­significantly differing ­localised ­climates and associated ­collections.

Leader comment: Backing Scotland’s battle with the plastic bottle

Leader comment: Backing Scotland’s battle with the plastic bottle

GIVEN the excellent quality of the water that runs clear out of Scotland’s taps, it’s remarkable that anyone even contemplates buying the expensive bottled variety.

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