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Lord Geoffrey Crowther, the first Chancellor of The Open University, on receipt of the brand-new institution's Royal Charter at a ceremony fifty years ago

At The Open University education for all is our ethos – Susan Stewart

‘The first and most urgent task before us is to cater for the many thousands of people fully capable of a higher education, who for one reason or another do not get it, or do not get enough of it as they can turn to advantage. Or, as they discover sometimes too late, that they need. Only in recent years have we come to realise how many such people there are.”

Simon Williams is, Legal Director, Energy and Infrastructure, Gillespie MacAndrew LLP

Simon Williams: Hydrogen has the potential to change the way we use, store and balance energy

Very soon, the Committee on Climate Change is expected to call for a ‘net zero’ carbon emission target for 2050. It underlines how serious rapid global warming is and how we should all act collectively as quickly as possible, but even in the face of doomsday predictions there is increasing evidence that an alternative future can be realised, using technology that is both clean and green.

Sheila Irvine is a partner, DLA Piper

Sheila Irvine: No more playing nice over energy efficiency

The new eight-part Netflix series Our Planet features jaw-dropping nature stories highlighting the pressing environmental challenges the earth is facing. The episodes, voiced by Sir David Attenborough, remind us that we’re all on one team in the race to protect the natural world; preserving ice caps, deep oceans, deserts and remote forests requires the buy-in of everyone to make a difference.

If you move house, particularly if you switch from one council area to another, it's easy to forget that you can claim back the credit you are in because council tax is paid in advance.. Picture: Getty

It’s worth checking for council tax discounts – Martin Lewis

Bravo Wales! Those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes and more, may be due £1,000s of council tax rebates if they live in Wales. People living elsewhere in the UK are being left in the lurch. Yet this isn’t the only hidden council tax saving. There are 100,000s across Britain paying far more than they need to.

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