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Hardeep Singh Kohli: I want to make people laugh but I want to make them think

The Brexit vote has changed Britain – and not for the better, writes comedian and broadcaster Hardeep Singh Kohli, whose new stand-up show explores his life-long obsession with politics.


Euan McColm: Alex Salmond TV’s hard viewing after Salisbury watershed

Politicians frequently complain that this or that subject is more important than politics.

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Mark McDonald talks to journalists on his return to parliament as an independent MSP last week. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA

Dani Garavelli: Holyrood circus makes a mockery of abuse crisis

Maybe you are fed up reading about sexual harassment. I know I am fed up writing about it. At the beginning of every week, I say to myself: “And now for something completely different.” But events, dear boys (and girls), events. More shit happens. And I get angry. And I find I myself writing about it again.

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Shortage of GPs strikes at the heart 
of health service

GPs are the bedrock on which the NHS is built. Without a properly functioning GP service patients will be diagnosed incorrectly, too late or perhaps not all.

Tracy Black was appointed as CBI Scotland director this year, succeeding Hugh Aitken

Bill Jamieson: How the pecking order was turned on its head

Not all that long ago, the world of Scotland’s business lobby groups seemed set in stone: the giant Confederation of British Industry Scotland on top, a richly decorated cake oozing with fat cat cream and with a marzipan layer of senior business worthies across the big combines of manufacturing and construction.

The internet is awash with finance scams

James Walker: Simple tips to help you frustrate fraudsters

There’s nothing worse than having to tell people they’ve been tricked out of their life savings – and there’s very little that can be done about it.

People working for contractors employed on Scottish Government projects should not have to pay to receive their wages (Picture: PA)

Richard Leonard: How public money is used to exploit Scottish workers

SNP must do something about low pay and poor conditions, writes Scottish Labour party leader Richard Leonard.

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Leith Theatre was packed for a Hidden Doors show last year

Kevin Buckle: Oi, Leith! Stopping hogging all the headlines

Barely a day goes by that Leith isn’t in the news whether it be good news over Leith Theatre or bad news with the proposed closure of Leith Depot or the cancellation of the pop-up arts festival LeithLate.

All smiles as Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte link hands at the opening of the 31st ASEAN Summit in Manila (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Nicholas Kristof: Dictators love Trump and he loves them right back

Trump has spoken sympathetically about massacre of Chinese pro-democracy protesters and Saddam Hussein’s counter-terrorism policies, and laughed when the Philippine’s Duterte called journalists “spies”, writes Nicolas Kristof.

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A large pothole in Coburg Street in Leith

Leader comment: Thanks may be due to Donald and a Beast over potholes

People have been known to become so frustrated with potholes that they have started growing plants in them, in a form of horticultural protest.

Children perform with the Big Noise project in Raploch, Stirling (Picture: John Devlin)

Jane Bradley: Here’s why free music tuition for kids is so important

Council cuts threaten to rob children of the chance to learn to play an instrument, warns Jane Bradley.

Warnings about salt in Chinese meals apply to the Western version not the real thing

Stephen Jardine: The real story about salt in Chinese meals

Real Chinese food is good for you, unlike the heavily salted, processed version adapted for Western tastes, writes Stephen Jardine.

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Karen Gray, with her son Murray, five, is campaigning for cannabis-based medicines to be made available in Scotland and the UK (Picture: Ian Georgeson)

Leader comment: Time to allow medicines made from cannabis

Useful treatments should not be denied to patients simply because cannabis is also used illegally.

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John McKendrick: Darien colony failure has lessons for Russia stand-off

Scots – not England and King William – were mostly to blame for the disaster that paved the way for the 1707 Act of Union, says John McKendrick.

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Family: Janet Christie’s Mum’s the Word

Put a sock in it

Picture Martin Bostock. Rita Walsh of Layton, worried about the rising cost of fuel. winter / cold / heating / keeping warm / hypothermia / oaps / pensioners / elderly

Ian Welsh OBE: Bringing rights home in social security

The Scottish Government has been working with a wide range of stakeholders in its plans for the new system of social security, including my organisation, the Health and Social Care Alliance ­Scotland (the ALLIANCE).

Marion Doherty has been appointed as new principal and chief executive at Newbattle Abbey College, Scotland's national centre of excellence for adult learning.

Marian Docherty: History of learning that helps to transform lives at Newbattle Abbey College

WHEN visitors come to ­Newbattle Abbey College, they soon realise that it is steeped in ­history. Part of the original 12th century Cistercian monastery remains and what became the Declaration of Arbroath was drafted at Newbattle in 1320.

Ryanair is to ground all but three of its 17 winter routes from Glasgow. Picture: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Alastair Dalton: Failure to cut air taxes a handy excuse for airlines

Before the worst snowfall for 20 years appeared to smother debate over the announcement, Ryanair’s shock decision to close its Glasgow base had some in the industry shaking their heads.

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The physicist detested Brexit, was passionate about fighting climate change and sought to protect the NHS (Picture: Ian Rutherford)

Joyce McMillan: Hawking was an Enlightenment giant for 21st century

Professor Stephen Hawking was a beacon of reason, humanity and scientific progress, writes Joyce McMillan.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (left) and Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard after his address to delegates at the Scottish Labour Party Conference in the Caird Hall, Dundee.

Jim Duffy: I could be a Tory but here’s why Corbyn offers more hope

I’m a massive believer in enterprise, but it’s not right that the richest one per cent own as much as poorest 50 per cent, says Jim Duffy.

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