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Esther, who was trafficked in Ghana

Big Give Christmas Challenge helps rescue kids from slavery – Andrew Bevan

A new police unit has just been set up in Scotland to tackle child trafficking. It started because increasing numbers of Vietnamese young people were seeking help from Edinburgh local authorities after being trafficked to the city, likely destined to work in nail bars, car washes, on cannabis farms or in the sex industry. This follows on from the recent news that sent shockwaves through the UK; 39 Vietnamese migrants found frozen to death in a lorry in Essex.

Digging in a field

Allan Lilly: Soil erosion is a serious global issue affecting our ability to feed the world

Our soils are under threat from ever more intensive agriculture and climate changes. Extreme rainfall events such as Storm Frank in 2016 are predicted to become more common: a recent report from the Met Office suggested that there is a 34 per cent chance of somewhere in the UK breaking a rainfall record each winter. Apart from flooding, these rainfall events can cause widespread erosion on unprotected or damaged soils, loss of soil nutrients and carbon, reduced crop growth and pollution of our rivers and streams.

David McColgan, Head of BHF Scotland

David McColgan: With your help, BHF is still looking for answers to mend our broken hearts

In 1961 when the British Heart Foundation (BHF) was founded, over half of all deaths in Scotland were attributed to heart and circulatory diseases. More than seven out of 10 heart attacks were fatal and for those who did make it to hospital, the treatment was rudimentary and largely confined to bed rest and pain relief. Most babies born with a complex heart defect did not survive to their first birthday.

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