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Bernard Ingham: Press freedom attack could turn UK into a totalitarian state

Heaven only knows what they would call me now in this at once sensitive and insensitive age. As Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary for 11 years, I copped a lot of abuse and ridicule.

Millenials are not embracing saving.

Jim Duffy: Implications of millennials losing trust in saving

We like to feel good about ­ourselves. We like to know that our investments and assets are rising in value. From pension funds to equities, from ISAs to our homes, we rest easy in the knowledge that we have invested in assets that will appreciate and provide a pot of cash for our old age.

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Richard Meade is Marie Curies Head of Policy and Public Affairs Scotland

Richard Meade: Who cares for the carers in their time of need?

For family and friends, caring for someone living with a terminal illness who is approaching the end of their life can be one of the most ­challenging and difficult times. Yet they often do not get the help they need.

Jeremy Corbyns supporters now have a majority on Labours board of the party. Picture: Getty

Ayesha Hazarika: Corbyn needs to fight Tories, not Labour moderates

Jeremy Corbyn has won another important election. But this was no surprise. Even I predicted a victory. Labour has just elected three new people onto the National Executive Committee (NEC) which is like the board of the party.

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Cyrille Regis was a trailblazer who inspired generations of black footballers. Picture: PA Wire

Martyn McLaughlin: The racism Cyrille Regis battled is still with us

Despite the progress made since the 1970s, racism remains a scourge on the beautiful game, writes Martyn McLaughlin.

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The Kyle of Lochalsh branch of RBS is among dozens set to close this year

Pat Rafferty: Tories are in cahoots with RBS over branch closures

Closure of 62 RBS branches is designed to help the UK Government sell off its shares, writes union official Pat Rafferty.

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The number of cases of domestic abuse in Scotland is 'truly shocking', Justice Secretary Michael Matheson has said.

Leader comment: Scots must learn from life ruined by domestic violence

If any Scots are still in doubt about the need to toughen Scotland’s laws on domestic violence, they should consider the case of Linda Ormond.

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Scotland's loneliness strategy urges people to carry out acts of kindness

Leader comment: SNP anti-loneliness drive is not to be sneered at

‘Young or old, loneliness doesn’t discriminate … it is something many of us could easily help with.” The murdered MP Jo Cox was convinced that more could be done to address growing levels of social isolation in the UK and, in December, a commission set up in her name published a report urging goverments to get involved.

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Darren McGarvey: Carillion - giants of capitalism or scroungers?

When things go wrong, giants of capitalism turn shameless scroungers, writes Darren McGarvey.

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Susan Stewart is the Director of The Open University in Scotland.

Susan Stewart: Why don’t we support part-time students? Not everyone can give up a job to retrain

The independent review of student support in ­Scotland, commissioned by the Scottish Government last year and published at the end of November, notes that there are more than 230,000 students studying part-time across Scottish further and higher education. Unfortunately, with respect to part-time students, that is about as far as it goes.


Lesley McLeod: The talents of women are ignored when we need their skills

Peggy Seeger famously sang about the struggle to be taken seriously as a woman wishing to pursue a career in engineering. Her world was full of misplaced prejudice and the belief women were put on this earth just to be wives and mothers.

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Charlie Steen, of Shame, on stage at the 29th Eurockeennes music festival near Belfort, eastern France. (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Aidan Smith: The second coming of punk is here

Despite being dubbed ‘punk rock for snowflakes’ by one online wit, Shame are making Aidan Smith feel nostalgic.

Flowering plants have evolved and spread to dominate the botanical kingdom - now scientists believe they know the secret to this success

Ilona Amos: Could Earth become a world without flowers once again?

In the dim and distant past our planet looked very different than it does now. I’m talking hundreds of millions of years ago, before even I was created.

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Nicola Sturgeon's concerns about immigration into Scotland should be shared by Theresa May (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Leader comment: Sturgeon is right about Scotland’s Brexit problem

Theresa May could perhaps be forgiven for thinking the ‘little local difficulty’ over Brexit in Northern Ireland is quite enough to be going on with.

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Onions in bedsocks is not an effective cold remedy (Picture: SWNS)

Leader comment: The wisdom of ‘old wives’

Most of us have heard of ‘home remedies’ for a variety of ailments, dismissing some as nonsense while insisting others are true.

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The FTSE100 is closing in on 8,000. Picture: AFP/Getty

Bill Jamieson: Onwards and upwards to 8,000 (while it lasts)

Rare were the pundits who even a few months ago predicted that the FTSE100 would be within striking distance of 8,000 – and looking to break this new peak. But here we are, with a promising start to the New Year and the index continuing to set new records.

John Swinney Deputy First Minister and Shona Robison Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

Brian Monteith: Time the SNP stopped dodging NHS responsibilty

The SNP must stop making excuses and start accepting responsibility for state of the NHS, writes Brian Monteith.

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The Trainspotting premiere in Edinburgh. Pic: Jane Barlow/PA

Brian Ferguson: Scottish screen industry needs more than buzz words

The growing Scottish film industry needs clear vision, writes Brian Ferguson


Lesley Riddoch: Is Nicola Sturgeon the superwoman who can stop Brexit?

Nicola Sturgeon should resist the growing calls for her to back a second referendum on Europe, writes Lesley Riddoch.

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Researchers in Germany found men over 65 were fitter because of DIY and gardening

Helen Martin: Oi! Scientists! Housework is just as strenuous as DIY

German medical research, spanning several countries including the UK, say men over 65 stay fitter because they do DIY and gardening, while women do “routine cleaning and cooking” for hours on end which “is not very physically active”.

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