Gerald Warner: Democrats are teetering on the edge of an electoral precipice

'At the next election, the Democrats will lose much of the black vote'. Picture: AFP
'At the next election, the Democrats will lose much of the black vote'. Picture: AFP
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‘WHO wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?” Those condemnatory words, ­directed against alleged misrepresentations by Mitt Romney, came last ­Monday from that stern champion of probity ­William Jefferson Clinton.

That is the same Bill ­Clinton who smoked pot but “didn’t inhale”, who told America “I did not have sexual relations with that ­woman”, who faced impeachment on charges of perjury and obstructing the course of justice, whose famous defence was “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”, and who was disbarred by the Supreme Court on charges of false testimony.

Satan preaches against sin. If you find such effrontery mind-boggling, you are not sufficiently familiar with the shameless, unblinking mendacity that is now the hallmark of America’s Democratic Party and its fellow travellers in the media.

The supreme example last week was the weasel advice being dispensed to the Republican Party. The “demographics” of the election, it was claimed, showed that the Republicans commanded a rapidly declining section of the electorate: the Grand Old Party (GOP) had no appeal to black and Hispanic voters, to single women, to cat owners, to the left-handed… As its recent trouncing at the polls showed, the ­Republican Party was finished, a ­smoking ruin, never again would it win government. Yet there was hope: let it only embrace Big Government, ­punitive taxes, open frontiers, militant feminism and ­every manifestation of political ­correctness and it would be enthroned in the Oval Office before you could say “Benghazi”.

Some people might think it extraordinarily disinterested of American liberals to hand their Republican opponents the key to the White House with such helpful tutelage. The real agenda, of course, was to catch the GOP in a moment of post-election depression and bulldoze it into the sort of “modernisation” that has made the British Conservative Party unelect­able; to disfranchise its core vote. In reality, it is the Democrats who are teetering on the edge of an electoral precipice, not the Republicans. Look at the actual figures, as distinct from the impressionist hype. Last Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate gained 1.7 million fewer votes than in 2008; but Barack Obama dropped 8.2 million votes. That looks as if a lot of his supposedly supportive “demo­graphic” was disaffected.

Liberal propaganda is trying to create an impression that the Republicans were wiped out, whereas the Democrats hung on in key states by their fingernails. In the pollsters’ iconic state of Ohio, where 5.2 million votes were cast for the two parties, Obama’s majority just squeaked into six figures, at 107,000. In Florida, where the parties shared 8.3 million votes, Obama’s majority was 60,000 by the end of the week, with some counting still ­going on. If the GOP is such a basket case, why can The One not outstrip it by a wider ­margin? The rusted hulk that is the ­Republican Party also managed to retain control of the House of Representatives with a healthy majority of 41 seats and to deny the Democrats the “super ­majority” in the Senate that would have given them legislative hegemony. The GOP increased its number of state governors to 30, ­compared with the Democrats’ 19.

That is the kind of meltdown with which Republicans can comfortably live. At the next presidential election, when the Democrats are unlikely to have an ­African-American candidate, they will lose much of the black vote. The notion that dishonestly abandoning their moral ­principles would benefit Republicans is fraudulent. Hispanic voters, too, are ­socially conservative. They do not want to have to compete in the jobs market with an increased immigrant population: they want encouragement in improving themselves economically and George W Bush, despite his other failings, had traction with that community. Immigration control is not a vote loser. The seductive message last week from liberals to the GOP was: appease settled immigrants by importing more incomers to vote against you.

Turning to some light relief, Downing Street was reported to be resounding to the cheers of Dave and his lemmings at the return of a socialist president in America. The true significance of the ­occasion was lost on them. Mitt Romney was distrusted as a “flip-flopper” because of his endless U-turns, his lack of political convictions, so he lost. Romney was American conservatism’s Cameron. Already the cerebrally challenged who act as Dave’s advisers are urging further “modernisation” of the Tory Party. That is good news: the Conservatives are already unelectable, but a fresh injection of modernising toxin could change the picture in 2015 from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) denying the Tories victory to UKIP winning some seats. Go for it, Dave – hope and change.