From the archive: MP on economy in mission schemes - 17 July, 1933

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SPEAKING at a fete at Balkail, Glenluce, in aid of the mission schemes of the Church of Scotland, Mr John McKie, MP for Galloway, said in these days of financial stringency for the nation and the individual they could not do all they might wish, but it would be a very poor economy if the people of Great Britain made their first economy upon the works of charity, which called to-day for their assistance more than ever before.

Mr McKie said when they saw the bitter sectarian persecution against the Jews in Germany they understood more easily what the duty of the European people was towards that ancient race. No country had ever embarked upon a scheme of persecution of the Jews and flourished. It was not until Great Britain had opened her shores to the Jews that she had made the headway which it had been possible for her to make during the last century.