From the archive: General Dawes’ visit to Lossiemouth - 20 August, 1929

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GENERAL Dawes, the American ambassador, paid a flying visit yesterday to Lossiemouth, where he lunched with the Premier and spent the early afternoon with him at The Hillocks.

The general’s arrival was marked by a little comedy of errors. Unknown to the Premier, the mail train due at Elgin shortly before 10am, on which the ambassador had informed him he was travelling, was running in two portions, and when the first portion arrived without the ambassador, Mr MacDonald at once returned to The Hillocks. Ten minutes later, Miss Ishbel MacDonald reached Elgin from London by another route, and, finding her father and the car gone, continued her journey by the branch line to Lossiemouth, remarking smilingly to the stationmaster, “There’s a kind father for you.” The Premier, returning to Elgin after an hour and a half’s interval, met General Dawes and motored him to The Hillocks.