From the archive: First birthday - 6 May, 2000

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DEVOLUTION has grown up and today celebrates its first birthday. As politicians of all parties line up to mark the parliament’s first milestone, it is clear they have all learned to love devolution.

Even the Conservatives, for whom the d-word was once anathema, heartily welcomed its first anniversary. David McLetchie, the Scottish Tory leader, hailed the first year of the parliament as one of “real progress and achievement” for his party. Alex Salmond hailed the devolution process as an integral part of the march towards independence.

Mr Salmond, in particular, can look to a recent System Three opinion poll measuring leadership ratings. He was well ahead of his rivals, with a positive rating of plus 20.

Donald Dewar, the First Minister, had a positive rating of plus 15. Disappointingly for Mr McLetchie, the poll found that his personal rating was minus one.