From the archive: Dr Honeyman is angry

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The Scotsman, 6 February 1950

DR T J Honeyman, Director, Glasgow Art Gallery and Museums, told an audience of 400 in Dundee University College on Saturday he was “very angry” with the Arts Council and British Council for not bringing the Munich and Vienna art exhibitions to Scotland. A questioner had asked if anything was done for Scottish people to visit London to benefit from art exhibitions such as the Munich or Vienna in the way of cheaper rail fares. Dr Honeyman replied: “Why should we have cheaper fares to go to London? Why shouldn’t they come up here?” In America, similar exhibitions were circulated to towns with a 300,000 population, and Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen should get these exhibitions. “I am very angry with the Arts Council and the British Council that these exhibitions did not come to Scotland. Kick up a row about it. Don’t pay your fare to go to London. Get them to come here,” he exclaimed.