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Grenfell tower tragedy shows need for health and safety rules – Lesley McLeod

When someone says, ‘health and safety’ how do you complete the well-known phrase or saying? I bet, like me, you tag on, ‘gone mad’ at the end. That’s hardly surprising when we are all bombarded with stories of children’s conker matches being banned, trees being felled in case someone trips over their roots and everything – from nuts to washing-up liquid – carrying warnings about the brain-atrophying obvious. It smacks of treating sensible people like sheep.

Ian Gatt, chief executive Scottish Pelagic Fishermen's Association

Ian Gatt: Modern fishing fleet of larger vessels is more sustainable in the long run

When it comes to fishing, there is the oft-repeated mantra from many environmentalists that big is bad and small is good. Much more sustainable and better for society, they argue, to have small-scale artisanal fishing boats working our fishing grounds and fewer large trawlers. A notion, perhaps, with some initial appeal, but on close examination, not one that stands up to scrutiny.

Once extinct in the wild, Przewalksi's horse and foal at Highland Wildlife Park

Edinburgh Zoo is a force for conservation – Barbara Smith

Thomas Gillespie was the founder of the ­Royal ­Zoological Society of ­Scotland and a true visionary. As we celebrate our 110th anniversary this week, it is tempting to wonder ­whether even he could have ­imagined the impact RZSS would one day have in protecting vulnerable and endangered wildlife around the world.

Members of the workforce at the Shetland Soap Company

Ingrid Webb: Social enterprises joining SIS Retail Academy reap the benefits

Shetland Soap Company was established over 17 years ago by the social enterprise COPE Ltd with the belief that everyone, regardless of disability, should have the opportunity to work. Shetland Soap Company is one of five organisations owned by COPE, providing employment and skills development for adults with learning difficulties or autism spectrum disorders, with all profits raised being reinvested to achieve this vision.


Graeme Atha: Vision of vibrant marketing sector set to change view of its role and value

Earlier this year the Marketing Society Scotland launched our new vision: to build a vibrant marketing community renowned for enlightened thinking, innovation and creativity. We thought long and hard to select the adjective that best reflected the type of community we want to build and vibrant seemed to fit perfectly. A community full of life and energy – dynamic, stimulating and determined.

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