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Brian Sloan: Shared spaces can help to end ‘age apartheid’

Nursery rhymes, stories, and giggling aren’t what you might expect to hear when you step into a care home. But that’s the scenario at a growing number around the world.

Volunteers taking part in the Paths for All project at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Jack Martin: We can all do our bit to help others – and it’s good for your health too

Football fever may be ­hotting up with the World Cup, but the volunteering community has been doing their own celebrating recently with National Volunteer Week, which runs annually from 1-7 June. This awareness week gives charities and organisations an opportunity to say thank you for the fantastic contribution volunteers make.

A young girl return glass bottles to her local shop and gets cash in return.      Robert Perry Scotland on Sunday 26th July 2008

Investment managers should enrich their clients and society 
at the same time

The distressing images of ocean plastic in the BBC’s Blue Planet II have become something of a call-to-arms for environmental action. Millennials are quite rightly asking ‘what are we doing to the planet?’ and if they weren’t already, investment managers are being forced to reflect on the wider impact of the companies they invest in on behalf of clients.

Professor John Sturrock QC Collaborative Scotland

John Sturrock: The certainties of the past will no longer afford security in the future

It is becoming more and more evident that a binary approach to important political questions is no longer fit for purpose. It is also fairly obvious that the certainties of the past will no longer afford security in the future. We live in an uncertain, ambiguous and somewhat paradoxical world.

Stuart Goodall is Chief Executive of Confor: promoting forestry and wood

Stuart Goodall: Time to make carbon history and meet climate targets by growing more trees

It’s 2050. The petrol engine and gas heating boilers are curiosities in the Museum of Scotland, part of an exhibition about how society has adapted to a (very) low carbon economy and lifestyle.

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James Cant, director, BHF Scotland.

James Cant: And breathe – there’s an air of hope over pollution

Scotland has made great strides this year in cleaning up our act on the air that we breathe.

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John Devlin 15/05/2018. GLASGOW. Buchanan Street.  G2 3NY.  ��100 Streets Challenge�"   As part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, national charity. Support in Mind Scotland publicises its ��100 Streets Challenge�" campaign, encouraging hundreds of people to walk, run or cycle 100 streets in their town or city to raise mental health awareness. Footballer David Weatherston and Glasgow stand-up comedian Gary Little talk about their own lived experiences of mental ill health, and help promote the 100 Streets Challenge. David, 31, who now lives and plays in Norway, was a professional at seven clubs in Scotland and has written and blogged about his own battles with anxiety and the need for greater mental health support in football. Gary, a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Glasgow Comedy Festival, has used his routine to talk about his past mental health struggles, including a spell behind bars in Barlinnie. He recently became a charity ambassador for Support in Mind Scotland.

David Weatherston: Stay fit mentally for peak performance

In October last year, after ten years of keeping my nerves and anxiety to myself throughout my football career, I decided to write about my ­mental health problems in a personal blog. It was a cathartic process and ­something I found very difficult to share publicly.

Popular notions of cyber fraud by a lone hacker are outdated. The majority of these crimes are carried out by Chinese and Russian criminal gangs

Elizabeth Comerford: Raising awareness of cybercrime is crucial

Knowing how to combat online fraud is now an essential part of learning, says Elizabeth Comerford

Malcolm Mackay is Chairman of United Employment Lawyers, a network of independent law firms across the UK.

Malcolm Mackay: Commonsense approach to mental health needed

That well-known political spin-doctor Alastair Campbell was on the stump in Edinburgh recently. Tony Blair’s former mouthpiece wasn’t speaking about Brexit or IndyRef2, but something more personal: his own battle with mental health. For someone once so familiar on our TV screens, who always appeared so self-assured and unflappable, I found his testimony, and his ability to speak openly and frankly about something that was once such a taboo, extremely moving.

Andrew Paterson is a Partner with Murry Beith Murray

Andrew Paterson: Where there’s a Will – get it written by a professional or your wishes may count for nothing

Given the ongoing pressure on family finances, people considering how their assets should be distributed after death may be tempted towards self-made wills, which can be purchased over the counter, are usually inexpensive and look simple to complete. But are users being ‘penny wise, pound foolish’? Andrew Paterson believes so and lists their ten basic flaws

Inspiring Scotland.'Staff, May 2017.'� Malcolm Cochrane Photography '+44 (0)7971 835 065 ' 'No syndication 'No reproduction without permission

Helen Chambers: Inspiring stories as mentors work in tandem with troubled kids

‘I’ve noticed a huge difference in Rob recently. He is like a different boy; his body language has changed and he sits up straighter and stands tall,” says Christine, Rob’s intandem mentor.

Travelling frequently for business may seem a glamorous lifestyle but it can have mental and physical effects. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Lucy Rattrie: Look at ways to manage your life before you suffer business burnout

The term ‘business travel’ tends to evoke images of glamorous lifestyles and all-expenses-paid stop-overs in ­beautiful destinations.

The National Autistic Society Fiona McGreavy, Area Volunteering and Development Manager.    Photograph by Martin Shields  Tel 07572 457000 � Martin Shields

Fiona McGrevey:

It’s Volunteers’ Week, which means it’s time to recognise and celebrate the contribution and diversity of the 1.2 million people in Scotland who give up their time freely to help people in their communities.

Taking a break from lives often filled with responsibility or chaos , can help young carers develop new skills and confidence, and make new friends

Martin Davidson: Who cares for the carers? Bring them together and lives can be transformed

Imagine being 10 years old and having responsibility for a disabled parent; or being 14 and taking care of several siblings. If you can picture the impact such ­circumstances could have on a young person’s education, social life and opportunities, you can imagine how hard and isolating their lives could be.

Kirsty Chalmers, Projects & Events Officer, RSPB Scotland

Kirsty Chalmers: Time to reward our young nature champions – do you know of any?

Given the frequent news reports highlighting the decline in time young ­people spend outdoors, you might not automatically associate them with nature conservation.

Graham Boyack, Director, Scottish Mediation

Graham Boyack: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes – it’s the first step towards a deal

Last week, Scotland ­hosted the prestigious International Academy of ­Mediators conference with ­mediators from more than 20 ­countries attending.

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Catriona Torrance is a Solicitor in Balfour+Manson's Private Client team

Catriona Torrance: We must start discussing dementia now

Researchers now suggest 1 in 3 babies born in 2015 will go on to develop dementia in their lifetime, unless a cure or vaccine can be found.

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Donna Reynolds is a partner with CCW Business Lawyers

Donna Reynolds: Don’t mislead with what you do or do not divulge in a reference

Reference-writing is not something that often features in employment law update bulletins.

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