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Catriona Torrance is an Associate (Private Client) with Balfour+Manson

Catriona Torrance: Do as your granter would have done if you’re the attorney

This week marks National Power of Attorney Day, with campaigns and information on social media and TV encouraging us all to start a conversation and put powers of attorney in place. It’s an important protection to have, and puts you firmly in control, knowing that you’ve appointed the people you trust and who know you best, whatever age or stage of life you’re at.

Steven Smart is Partner & Head of Glasgow Office at Horwich Farrelly

Steven Smart: Without reform, Scotland’s civil courts will attract fraudsters

When is a crime not a crime? In Scotland, one might ponder whether an example is when fraud is committed during a civil claim. In personal injury claims, the F word is still a dirty one. To paraphrase Verbal Kint, the greatest trick the Scottish fraudster ever pulled was convincing the courts he didn’t exist. Coincidentally, those with experience in the field may question whether the final scene of The Usual Suspects was inspired by a fraudulent claimant leaving a medical examination.

Brenda Mitchell is a Partners at RTAL(S) LLP, specialising in complex injury cases.

Brenda Mitchell and Jodi Gordon: Damages award the first step to healing

AS a specialist law firm, we take our responsibility to our clients seriously. Acting for those often badly injured in road traffic collisions means that our clients turn to us for advice and guidance. Motorcyclists, in particular, can sustain multiple and complex injuries. Therefore, an understanding of their post-accident needs and the type of equipment available to support their rehabilitation is crucial in an ever-advancing technological world.

The FunFactory in Dundee, a children's soft play experience, is one example of a social enterprise, a business run for the benefit of those who use it, not to make profits for the owners or shareholders

Social enterprise – creating social or environmental benefit is the primary objective

The most up-to-date picture of social enterprises in Scotland was unveiled last month by Aileen Campbell, Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government. The Social Enterprise Census 2019 revealed that there are now an estimated 6,025 social enterprises operating in Scotland – an increase of more than 800 since the first census in 2015. Social enterprises employ over 88,000 people and according to the report is also making a sizeable £2.3 billionn contribution to Scotland’s economy.

The Hon Lord Kinclaven, OBE, is a Senator of the College of Justice

Realistic court cases make learning fun

Turn back the clock to 2001, when the book ‘Paths to Justice Scotland’ was published. It was a survey which examined, among other things, the public’s perspective on access to justice, and I was particularly taken by one of its suggestions – that more needed to be done to promote legal education in schools.

Andrew Stevenson is a Council Member, Scottish Law Agents Society

Andrew Stevenson: Receiving legal aid can be a liability for many years

Lawyers are often disgruntled with the Scottish Legal Aid Board. But many citizens who receive legal aid find that it is more powerful, bureaucratic and intrusive than they had ever imagined. For example, years after a case has concluded, they may find themselves having to hand over bank statements to enable the Board to scrutinise their spending.

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