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Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded new campaign A Vision for Equal Education

Mark O’Donnell: New campaign will push to make education equal for visually impaired

This year is a momentous one for Royal Blind as we celebrate the charity’s 225th anniversary. Established in Edinburgh in 1793, our charity is the oldest national foundation in the world dedicated to serving blind people of all ages. To give that date some perspective, we were founded the same year in which Rabbie Burns wrote Scots Wha Hae! Over the centuries, our work has evolved as society’s attitude to disability has transformed. Our mission for children and adults with vision impairment today is far removed from the paternalistic approach of the 18th century. We work with service users at different stages of their life so they can play a full role in a society which respects their rights and supports their aspirations.

St Andrews Square 07/02/08 Views of Edinburgh taken from the top of The Melville Monument Towering 41 metres above St Andrew Square Garden is the statue of Henry Dundas, the 1st Viscount Melville. The statue of Dundas was placed on top of the imposing Roman style column in 1828 and he has dominated the St Andrew Square skyline ever since. Pic Neil Hanna

John Donnelly: Let’s share a vision of Edinburgh which will benefit all

Collaboration has long been at the heart of Marketing Edinburgh’s mission, bridging the public and private sectors to align on common goals and showcase our incredible city to the world. There is, however, a critical third party that the organisation must always be accountable to when driving positive change in the capital – the people who live here, our residents.

Emma Razi (Development Manager) & Fairy Contrary (Keith McLeish) from Sleepin Cutie.

Emma Razi: Oh yes you can help caring kids see a panto

Wait, please let me explain. I’ve just taken on the role of development manager at Macrobert Arts Centre, and one of my first lessons was that here, Christmas starts in August. But for good reason, as there is an awful lot that needs to be done between now and then.

Jo Nisbet is a Partner in Harper Macleod's corporate team

Jo Nisbet: You need the right people to succeed with the crowd

Every week our team talks to companies who have decided to raise money from the crowd. Yet the number of those who actually go on to launch an equity crowdfund is significantly less. Given the companies in question still have their primary goal of raising funds, why is there such a drop-off rate and what can they (and their advisers) do to mitigate this?

Opinion 1
Child Poverty in Glasgow

SallyAnn Kelly: Radical solutions must be found to address the fundamental issue of poverty

This week is Challenge Poverty Week, an annual Scotland-wide campaign designed to raise a voice against poverty in Scotland and challenge stereotypes, while encouraging public support for more action to solve it. It also offers politicians, organisations and campaigners the chance to discuss in more depth how, as a society, we can work together to tackle the persistent social inequalities that impact the lives of so many people across Scotland.

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