Drumlanrig: Susan Boyle | Alyn Smith | Pete Wishart

Susan Boyle. Picture: Jane Barlow
Susan Boyle. Picture: Jane Barlow
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ONE could be forgiven for thinking that the Yes campaign must be reeling from Susan Boyle’s heartfelt declaration in favour of the Union last week.

(“I strongly believe Scotland should remain part of Britain. I am a proud, patriotic Scot, passionate about my heritage and my country. But I am not a nationalist.”)

Far from it. In a devastating blow for the No campaign the brilliant fiddler and master of the Scotch snap Aly Bain (above) has revealed he is passionately pro-independence.

“I hope the Scottish people have the confidence to vote for themselves and ignore the scaremongering tactics that are being used by the opposition which I personally find insulting,” says Aly. So there.

Olé, Alyn Smith, our white-water matador

SNP MEP Alyn Smith is a doughty campaigner against EU subsidies for the cruel sport of bullfighting and is battling to end the famous Pamplona bull-run, where, he says, “the narrow streets echo to the sound of terrified animals and pounding hooves as dozens of bulls are beaten by screaming crowds and forced towards their grisly end”.

He may not approve of bullfighting, but he does occasionally enjoy extreme sports. This weekend his is riding the rapids of Glen Nevis on a lilo. Respect to Scotland’s white-water matador.

Brits lording it over American TV awards

The lavish American television awards the Emmys will be even smarter than usual this year with two bona fide British lords up against each other for an award. Michael “you might well think that, I couldn’t possibly comment” Dobbs, now Lord Dobbs, saw his riveting political series adapted for US telly. The trans-formation resulted in the new version of the House of Cards receiving four nominations. Lord Dobbs, however, faces some stiff competition from Lord Julian Fellowes (above), creator of Downton Abbey, which has seven nominations.

Perils of encouraging Twitter interaction

The SNP MP Pete Wishart was, as usual, out canvassing for the Yes Scotland campaign yesterday. Full of enthusiasm, he tweeted from Perth: “If you have any questions about our exciting, transformative journey come and say hello.” That brought a swift rejoinder from Better Together Campaigner John Duncan.

“Can you tell me why I would vote yes to allow another country to set my mortgage rate?”